Resistance Tube Inter Atletika MD1301-M (medium)

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Resistance Tube Inter Atletika MD1301-M (medium)

The use of pulley-weights in a workout is a technique used by athletes who are eager to achieve better results. So this equipment allows you to train the muscles of shoulders, arms, chest, and, due to its shape, legs as well. It provides extra load during the training, allows you to progress through the usual complex of exercises.

Pulley-weights are also considered a good option for an athlete who wants to get back in shape. It helps to restore your old routine in a gentle, smooth way. Therefore, pipe pulley-weights are used with rehabilitation purpose, to develop muscles after injuries, bone fractures.

The equipment is suitable not only for personal training, but also for the group training, as an element of fitness programs, pilates, yoga.

The Fitex pipe pulley-weights are made of rubber, which has high strength properties, can be used for commercial purposes. The handles of the pulley-weights have a foam pad, which provides convenience and comfortable grip.

A gym is a place which should meet the expectations of many users. That is why you can't forget about such sports gear as pulley-weights when equipping a gym. It will be an excellent assistant for a number of gym visitors.

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Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
7 х 11 х 1000
Targeted muscles
different muscle groups