Strength Equipment

Strength Equipment

We offer more than 400 items of strength equipment to enable the right combination for any fitness facility: Weight Stack Machines, Plate Loaded Machines, VKR & GHD, Benches & Racks, Grips & Handles, Machines With Built-In-Weights.

In each one of them, we keep the balance between biomechanics and ergonomics – to make every workout not only effective, but also pleasant. Our numerous strength series combine enticing design and advanced functionality to fit the needs of any health club, fitness center, professional athletics team or even military basis and government agencies.

Strength equipment by Inter Atletika delivers safe, consistent and effective fitness training for beginners and professional athletes. We offer wide options of equipment customization - you may choose among 30 different colors for the equipment frame and upholstery.

And yet another pleasant note: since we are sure of our production facilities, we offer lifetime warranty on all our metal frames.

What do we get from strength training?

Well-chosen strength workouts:

  • reduce the risk of joint and muscle diseases;
  • strengthen your bones, ligaments, and tendons;
  • increase size and power of muscle fibers;
  • enhance metabolism.

All these have a positive effect on physical training condition, appearance, and vitality.

Can we lose excess weight, doing exercises?

The weight is reduced when you lose more calories than you gain. Strength exercises enhance muscles but don’t turn fat into muscle fibers. You need a lot of calories to develop your muscles. During strength exercises, your body starts to burn fat and turn it into calories.

You can buy from us for the smart price such strength machines as:

  • Hydraulic Exercise Equipment
  • Weight Stack Machines
  • Multistations
  • Platforms and Racks
  • Rehabilitation training machines
  • Free weights
  • Universal benches
  • Equipment for abs exercises
  • Horizontal and parallel bars
How to choose a strength machine?

When choosing a strength machine you should pay attention to these factors:

  • Maximum weight of using. This characteristic must be 135 or more kg.
  • Quality. Take only high-quality sports equipment from popular manufacturers. We offer only the best sports machines!
  • Equipment. Ask a seller about it, think of the accessories you want to add to your strength machine. Find out whether it’s possible to go beyond basic equipment.
  • Noiselessness. This is an important characteristic because it’s obviously better to have a silent training machine at home.
Strength machines – which brands are the most popular?

The most demanded brands are:

  • Explode
  • LC
  • InterAtletikGym Standard