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Multistations by Inter Atletika are reliable, universal and effective tool for the organization of training areas for functional workouts and an irreplaceable tool in the hands of any coach.
The stations present a compact training zone for a large number of athletes. You can perform a wide range of exercises for the development of each muscle group satisfying the needs of a number of people during group trainings.

Key features of Inter Atletika Multistations:

  • Multiple options for traditional bodyweight exercises such as pull-ups, push-ups, monkey bars, inverted rows, step-ups, and dips;
  • Integration of the latest functional training exercises into your clients’ routines with training ropes, suspension trainers, resistance bands, gymnastic rings, and more;
  • Easily accommodate up to 20 participants at one time for group workouts;
  • Include holders for plates, kettlebells, dumbbells, medballs which helps you save gym space.