Multistation Inter Atletika KF-S5

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Multistation Inter Atletika KF-S5

Functional training - training designed for a wide range of people and aimed at developing strength, endurance, flexibility, coordination and movement speed. To be in excellent shape, good health, set goals and achieve them, it is important to work on professional equipment. High-quality sports equipment is a key to athletes' safety and comfortable training process. Explode KF-S5 Functional training multistation by Inter Atletika company – is an explosive combination of the best innovative solutions, a variety of simulators and stylish design. The complex will be a highlight of the gym and a real treasure for fans of functional training and Functional Training.

Explode KF-S5 Functional training multistation is an explosive combination of innovation and processability

The multifunctional configuration is astounding with its filling. An important advantage of the station is the availability of a large number of sports equipment, which makes it possible to conduct training of various complexity and intensity. The complex consists of 37 modules: 23 of which are designed for performing exercises, 14 - for storing equipment that takes part in the training process. The program of functional training at the multistation provides a maximum number of athletes up to 30 people (15 people train directly at the multistation itself + another 15 people - a meter away from the multistation in a circle with accessories that are placed in the multistation). The extremely robust construction is designed for intensive use, taking into account the additional load from the attachments.

Multifunctional training station Explode KF-S5 consists of the following modules:

  • monkey bars
  • block frame
  • swedish ladder
  • pegboard
  • jump platform
  • press bench
  • press machine
  • dip bars
  • trampoline
  • punching bag bracket
  • expanders/locks fixings
  • cable bracket
  • hinge brackets
  • bar brackets
  • medball targets
  • pull-up spheres
  • horizontal bar
  • kettlebells shelves
  • medball shelves
  • barbell traps
  • pull-up handles (straight, narrow and wide grip)
  • disk racks
  • sleeves bars

Such filling of the multistation creates a full-fledged functional gym, taking up a minimum of free space. Everyone can effectively pump the body, work with problem areas, regardless of the age or level of the physical training.

For functional training. Functional training - a set of exercises that we perform in everyday life: squatting, walking, overcoming obstacles, weight lifting and much more. For maximum benefit from each lesson it is important to choose professional equipment, competently draw up a training program, clearly follow the technique of each task and do not stop at half of the way. The station is designed for highly effective individual or group training up to 30 people at the same time. The design of the product is elaborated to the smallest details, this allows athletes to use both basic and isolated muscle groups.

Training on the multi station Explode KF-S5 is an opportunity:

  • to process at once 5 physical qualities: coordination, strength, agility, endurance and flexibility
  • to improve muscle tone
  • to include both basic and isolated muscle groups
  • perform various exercises for crunches, stretch and strengthen the spine
Data sheet
Metal profile size, mm
120 x 40
Metal profile thickness, mm
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
5401 х 4516 х 3000
Occupied area, sq.m.
Product weight, kg
powder paint coating by electrostatic spraying
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