Machines With Built-in-Weights

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Machines With Built-In-Weights

Inter Atletika is proud to present our unique line of machines with built-in weights. This equipment combines functionality, design, stylish look and, most importantly, adherence to expectations of real sportsmen.

Each machine is equipped with unique mechanism of load adjustment allowing to train regardless of previous experience or level of strength development. You can enhance your load gradually creating sets of necessary trainings and maximum outcome from every workout.

Explode machines with built-in weights are mostly efficient for working out of isolated muscle groups. All moving parts are protected with special parts ensuring necessary reliability during intensive training. Every workout is safe, comfortable and highly efficient.

Another unique feature of these machines is that they can be installed both indoors and outdoors. Coating of the machines is resistant to mechanical damage and changing weather conditions.
And, surely, strong brutal design will definitely catch an eye of any passer-by.