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Stepper Inter Atletika A3100G Stepper Inter Atletika A3100G
Stepper Inter Atletika A3100G
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A step machine is great for working and toning your lower body in particular, as the movement works on the hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes and calf muscles by replicating climbing steps or stairs. The stepper is much smaller than alternative CV machines such as treadmills or exercise bikes.

Step machines are suitable for almost everyone, but there are circumstances when they may be especially good choice for certain people:

  • Those that want to work out but have limited space in which to store exercise equipment;
  • People with lower body joint injuries or weaknesses;
  • Someone that is looking to tone their leg muscles without them becoming larger;
  • A person preparing for a climbing event that isn’t able to get away from home to train often enough.

Steppers offered by Inter Atletika completely satisfy current market demand for efficient, durable fitness equipment at affordable price.