Stepper Inter Atletika A3100G

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Stepper Inter Atletika A3100G

Stepper is one of those exercise machines that a wide audience of users is found of. It is an exerciser which is a popular choice for home training, it is never empty in the gym as well. What caused such an adornment of the trainer? There are a number of reasons for this:

  • An excellent opportunity to get cardio - activates the work of the heart and lungs, improves physical fitness;
  • Helps to form a perfect shape - trains the muscles of the calves and buttocks, corrects the problem areas of women figure;
  • Promotes weight loss;
  • Develops functional qualities - strength, endurance.

The A3100G Stepper has all the advantages mentioned earlier. Performing exercisers on the equipments, you can build a harmonious, beautiful body shape, improve physical qualities and health.

The A3100G has been designed taking into account all the wishes of users, therefore it is always a pleasure to train on it. For example, it has a built-in speaker system that will help maintain the right mood throughout the training. Also, the sports equipment allows you to connect iPod or MP3 to make music selection easier. The function of recharging the mobile phone from the exerciser is useful to active users who do not want to lose time.

The stepper is equipped with an LCD display. The current training data will always be in front of you.Setting the programs of the exerciser is also performed with the help of monitor.

The stepper has 16 levels of resistance. This means that it is possible to use the exercise machines for both beginners and those athletes with a considerable experience. Everyone can choose the appropriate workload. Also, the stepper menu has 18 training programs: 11 automatic, 2 programs of heart rate, 3 target and 2 individual. This allows you to diversify each activity, select a training program that corresponds to specific goals.

The drive system of the generator type does not require a connection to electricity mains. This is convenient, as it allows you not to worry about the place of the exercise machine.

The working mechanisms are designed to high standards, are reliable, long-lasting and ready to work with high loads.

The design of the equipment is modern, all the details have a streamline shape. The pedals are wide, with rubberized soles, which prevents the foot from slipping during workout. Comfortable handles help you feel confident, give your body stability even in the middle of intensive training.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1210 x 980 x 1580
Product weight, kg
Packing dimensions (L × W × H), mm
1190 x 570 x 1110
Maximum user weight, kg
Flywheel, kg
Step height, cm
Resistance levels
18 programs: 11 auto, 2 heart rate (65%, 85%), 3 target (calories, time, distance), 2 personal training
Console indicators
load level, speed, calories, power, time, steps, steps / min, heart rate, distance
Bottle holder
Built-in fan
Tablet holder
Transportation rollers
Compensators of uneven floor
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