Sports Equipment Lines by InterAtletika

XR is our best selling line of professional sport training machines.

It was designed to look great in any gym, regardless of its status or location.

Thanks to its great features, this line quickly became popular among our customers:

  • 50x100 mm tubes, which we bend at different angles, providing nice shapes;
  • inserted colored pieces on upholstery;
  • gas springs in the seat adjustment.

And the last but definitely not least – as usual, we ensure maximum durability and safety, using high-quality metal of 2,7 mm thickness.

VERTI is our newest (est. 2017) premium line of strength equipment designed for the premium gyms and fitness centers.

This line includes only plate loaded machines, benches & racks.

Maximum load of some machines reaches 500 kilograms!

All machines are made of the rectangular pipe 120x40mm and have metal thickness of 3.0 mm.

Seats are equipped with gas springs for quick and easy adjustment.

Biomechanical properties of Verti machines were highly appreciated by numerous athletes.

EXPLODE is our special line, developed for functional training and strongman. It includes multistations, rigs, power racks, suspension training tools, accessories, strongman equipment and even Container gym!

All structures are made of square tube 80x80 mm and have metal thickness of 3.0 mm.

Rigs could be customized and built according to your particular needs. Dimensions are not limited – we already produced and assembled a 40 meter long rig for one of our clients.

Explode products are widely used at crossfit and strongman competitions. All products are designed in accordance with strict quality requirements and have excellent performance characteristics.

NRG line machines were originally designed for premium class gyms and fitness centers.

Their design is unique, due to uncommon tubes shape – they are elliptical and have the size of 60x120 mm.

Another important feature is anatomic seats shape, which in combination with the gas spring seat adjustment provides mega comfort and pleasure during every workout.

All NRG weight stack machines are equipped with complete weight stack protection panel and have metal thickness of 2.5 mm.

LC line is the latest development by Inter Atletika. It includes strength development products with improved technical characteristics for light commercial and home use. Products of this line are designed to enable effective trainings both at home and in the gyms up to 100 m2. So, if you are choosing the equipment for hotels, country clubs, corporate gyms or home gyms, please take a closer look at our new LC line.

The most popular items – like, adjustable bench, hyperextension, pull-up/dip/abdo combo, scott bench, press bench – hit upon an idea to start the production of this line. First machines are already implemented and ready for mass production. The LC line will be further expanded to allow the customers to create their own gyms with the necessary basic machines for effective training.

Key features of LC line:


  • Enables easy lifting to high floor and assembly in a small room with narrow doors


  • Each product is designed for intensive high load and use


  • Plywood packaging significantly reduces transportation costs.

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BT line is the next generation of ST line.

We upgraded the design, we added different color options for upholstery, (which include combination of 2 colors). Also, BT line machines are equipped with complete weight stack protection panel.

Machines are made of square tube 60x60 mm. Reliability and thus the life span of the machines is ensured by the metal thickness of 2.5 mm in every item of BT line.

We started to produce ST line in 2001. It was the very first line that we launched and we are still making it, as its biomechanics and functionality have been appreciated by our customers for years.

As of today, ST line contains more than 100 professional machines: weight stack, plate loaded, benches & racks, VKR & GHD. All weight stack items equipped with short weight stack protection panel.

Machines are made of square tube 60x60 mm. Reliability and thus the life span of the machines is ensured by the metal thickness of 2.5 mm in every item of ST line. The main advantage of ST line is its attractive, low price.

So, if you need high quality professional training equipment for smart price ST line will completely satisfy you.

Fitex is our own brand for cardio equipment and fitness accessories. It includes wide range of treadmills, ellipticals, upright and recumbent bikes, spinbikes, steppers.

Fitex is also dumbbells and kettlebells, medballs and gymballs, steps and yoga mats and so many more!

Fitex products are essential addition to strength training – the best choice to complete your gyms.