Multifunctional trainer Inter Atletika KF132

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Multifunctional trainer Inter Atletika KF132

Multifunctional trainer KF132 by Inter Atletika is a universal machine that allows you to perform more than the hundred exercises, involving all the muscles of the body.

Extremely functional levers change their position in any direction: up - down - left - right. Maximum load is 2×125 kg, minimum load – 2×8,4 kg. Square shape of the lever at the base makes fixation on a support exact (exactly falls into the groove and does not fly off the holder). The trainer is additionally equipped with disc holders (Ø 49 mm) and rope holder.

Basic exercises on the trainer:

  • Hanging leg raise
  • Twisting hanging knee raise
  • Pull-up (close/wide/parallel grip) from 0 to 17 degrees
  • Dip
  • Horizontal pull-up
  • Biceps curl
  • Triceps exercises
  • Landmine Press (both hands) or alternating landmine press
  • Upright rows
  • Standing rear delt lateral raises
  • Deadlift
  • Lat Pull Down
  • Low Row
  • Squats with weights
  • Alternating lunges to shoulder press
  • Rear leg lift
  • Bench press (with additional use of bench)
  • Inclined bench press (with additional use of bench)
  • Training of acrobatic tricks
  • Hanging turns
  • Battle rope exercises (with additional use of rope)
  • Boxing and others

Using this machine, you can perform the hundred of exercises and work out the whole muscular system.

Data sheet
Metal profile size, mm
80 х 40
Metal profile thickness, mm
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
2127 x 1242 x 1855
Occupied area, sq.m.
Product weight, kg
powder paint coating by electrostatic spraying
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