Hand grip Inter Atletika MD1142 (adjustable load)

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Hand grip Inter Atletika MD1142 (adjustable load)

Strength exercises are one of the most popular types of training. Weight lifting helps you to form a muscle definition, build up mass and increase strength. For the development and strengthening of the muscular apparatus not only bars, weights and power exercisers are used, but also less impressive, but equally important in their effectiveness,equipment pieces. These are grippers.

They allow you to develop the muscles of the forearms, wrists, grip strength, to form the punching strength, which is important for a large number of sports disciplines. Thus grippers are used by tennis players, gymnasts, basketball players, weightlifters. Therefore, such equipment is a must in any gym.

The Fitex gripper - the equipment for professional use. It has a spring type of resistance that provides comfort and efficiency. Thus the spring type gripper reminds of jaws. It is equipped with two handles and a spring in the middle. This form is most natural for a human's hand - the gripper is comfortable to hold, more repetitions can be performed if compared with the use of the ring gripper.

Handles have finger dips, which further enhances grip, prevents slipping.

In addition, the Fitex gripper is recommended for exercises during recovery from injuries. As previously mentioned, the shape of the equipment provides a good fixation of the wrist, reducing the risk of slipping and worthen the injury. The gripper is used recovery of the arm due to injuries, longstanding immobilization and loss of muscle strength.

The Fitex gripper - a professional exerciser that is designed for prolonged, intense use. Such high-quality equipment will not only reduce the cost of upgrading the sports equipment range, but will also provide your gym with good reviews of visitors.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
144 x 130 x 22
Targeted muscles
muscles of the hand and forearm