Resistance Bands Set Inter Atletika MD1318 (4 pcs)

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Resistance Bands Set Inter Atletika MD1318 (4 pcs)

Resistance bands have a wide scale of application. They are suitable for individual training, group work, rehabilitation. Resistance bands are valuable for their versatility - this equipment allows you to train virtually all muscle groups of the body, develop flexibility, coordination.

The main distinctive feature of such band is its shape. It is a long strip of elastic material that can be folded, hooked on a foot or other support, wrapped around the palm of your hand. This expands the operation, diversifies the workout routine of the athlete. Also one of the main characteristics of of such band equipment is its level of resistance. It is not large, however, sufficient to increase the load on the muscles of the body, without traumatizing them.

The Fitex resistance band set consists of four bands with different resistance level, which can be used both in a gym and for personal training. Gradation of the load will gradually improve the result, moving from one expander to another, or use different values ​​for different muscle groups.

In any case, such set will make the training even more effective.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1210 х 153
Targeted muscles
different muscle groups
thermoplastic elastomer/latex