Resistance Band Inter Atletika MD1353-22 (22*4.5*2000 mm)

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Resistance Band Inter Atletika MD1353-22 (22*4.5*2000 mm)

Fitex MD1353-22 Expander black - professional trainer, designed for long and intensive use. The acquisition of professional high quality equipment not only reduce the cost of replenishing the arsenal of sports equipment in the future, but also provide positive feedback among visitors about your gym.

Power loads - one of the most popular types of training. Lifting the weight allows you to create a beautiful relief, increase muscles and strength. For the development and strengthening of the muscular apparatus, not only booms, weights and power trainers are used, but also less impressive, but not less important in their effectiveness, shells. These are expanders.

They allow you to develop a variety of muscles, such as the forearm, hands, improve the grip strength, form the force of impact, which is important for a large number of sports disciplines. So in their training, expands are used by tennis players, gymnasts, basketball players, weightlifters. Therefore, the presence of such a projectile in the fitness club hall is an indispensable condition.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
200 х 12 х 4,5
Targeted muscles
different muscle groups