Container Gym Explode KFZ704.1

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Container Gym Explode KFZ704.1

* Grips, bars, plates, dumbbells are not included in Container Gym set.

Mobile sports complex Explode KFZ704.1 (20-ft container) by Inter Atletika is a mobile sports center for functional training. It is completed with various sports equipment allowing full and varied functional training.

Explode container gym is basically a box that can be moved around using trucks. In a ready-to-use form, when all modules and sports equipment are installed, Container Gym is not inferior to a full value functional training zone of the most developed club in terms of its functionality. Special external fasteners enable quick mounting of all modules and their secure attachment, according to all safety rules.

With such a container at your disposal, any fitness club or sports team becomes mobile. Now you can organize an outing or competition without any complications and with much lower financial costs.

Container set

Mobile sports complex includes:

  • metal container box, which is used to transport all components and store the equipment
  • rigs, which enable performing of sports exercises
  • hinged and auxiliary equipment
  • some accessories

Modules of Container Gym KFZ704.1:

  • horizontal bar ladder (3 pcs.)
  • Swedish wall (assembled from single horizontal bars) (2 pcs.)
  • horizontal triangular bar (3 pieces)
  • monkey bar, placed on both sides of the container
  • parallel bars (3 pcs.)
  • medball targets (2 pcs.)
  • attachment for punching bag (or suspension trainers) (2 pcs.)
  • ropes (2 pcs.)
  • Scott's bench (standing) (2 pcs.)
  • hyperextension (2 pcs.)
  • horizontal press bench with bar holders (2 pcs.)
  • bar holders for T-row (2 pcs.)
  • hanger
  • plates rack
  • medball rack
  • locks rack
  • dumbbells rack (3 external + 2 external)
  • kettlebells rack (3 external + 2 external)
  • storage box (2 pcs.)
  • dressing room

The complete set of the container can be completely individual. At your discretion, the container can be supplemented with suspension trainers, plyoboxes, expanders, battle ropes and other accessories that your team will need for training. Such set of equipment allows to carry out a full cycle of functional training. 

* Accessories (plates, kettlebells, bars, locks, dumbbells, etc.) are not part of the Container Gym. 

Please follow the link to look at available accessories.


Container Gym equals all the features (functionality, dependence, ergonomics, performance figures) of foreign made equipment.

Reliability of the Container Gym has been confirmed after its passing of several stages of tests: dispatch quality control at the factory, estimation by the special independent commission of experts, tests in working conditions. No faults of shortcomings were discovered in any components and parts of our Container Gym. And overall positive feedback regarding this equipment was very much appreciated.

Designers took into account the fact that container is mobile – therefore, elements for attachment of the equipment were designed, which guarantee safety during transportation.

All elements of the Container Gym have anticorrosion protection.

Container Gym for the military

Container Gym is undoubtedly a necessary training facility for the military and armed forces.

Functional training has been traditionally applied to strengthen physical shape of the military personnel, firefighters, soldiers of the other armed forces divisions. Accessibility of the Container Gym makes it possible to conduct training in any location, at the most remote bases.

Container Gym is a new approach to training!

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