Monkey bar Inter Atletika KF013

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Monkey bar Inter Atletika KF013

The Monkey bar is the ideal choice for fans of functional training. You can do pull-ups and chin-ups on this equipment. You can perform other various exercises to improve your balance, coordination, and stamina as well.

3 mm steel makes the KF013 outstandingly durable and reliable. It is installed to a basic structure by bolts. If you want to work out outdoors, you should take the zinc-covered version of this model, KF013ZEC.

The sports tool gives you a chance to improve the muscles of the chest, the deltas, arms (the biceps and the triceps), and glutes.

To do chin-ups and pull-ups, grab the bars and then lift your body until your chin reaches the level of the bars. Also, you can perform a lot of exercises on the Monkey bar to work out other muscle groups.

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Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1720 x 80 x 425
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