Yoke Inter Atletika KF202.1 (85 kg)

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Yoke Inter Atletika KF202.1 (85 kg)

This sports equipment is suitable for effective functional training and is extremely popular among athletes. The construction is made of high-quality steel, easy to dismount, sustainable, and does not take up much space. It’s the perfect choice for gym owners.

This model is equipped with height-adjustable crossbars and has hooks for the weight bar, which make it possible to use the yoke not only for its main purpose but as a rack to do military or squat presses here.

The KF202.1 helps train the muscles of the back, the arms, the thighs, and the glutes.

The exercise with the Yoke is like carrying a shoulder pole – like the one people used in the past, especially women, to transfer buckets with water and other liquids. To perform exercises, you need to take the equipment on your shoulder and just walk with it. You can add the plates here to increase the workload.

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1379 x 1325 x 1795
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