Flip Inter Atletika KF411

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Flip Inter Atletika KF411

This sports equipment is part of extreme power workout and functional training. On the one hand, the KF411 is one of the elements of the yoke, shoulder-pole-carrying equipment. On the other hand, the Flip can be used as an autonomous sports tool.

The equipment is made of 3 mm steel and coated with powder paint coating which provides a long-time service of the equipment without maintenance.

As part of the yoke, it helps improve the muscles of the back, the arms, the thighs, and the glutes. If you work out with the KF411 only, you reach your glutes, hamstrings, and back.

There are a number of exercises to do with this equipment. For instance, you can flip the KF411 and perform other activities of your choice.

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2000 x 550 x 550
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