Vinyl Kettlebell Inter Atletika MD2201-6 (6 kg)

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Vinyl Kettlebell Inter Atletika MD2201-6 (6 kg)

The equipment has a wide handle of elongated shape. It provides a comfortable grip. The body of the kettlebell is covered with vinyl, which not only makes the sports gear attractive, but also has a more practical application. Thus, the coating protects the core of iron from corrosion and negative environmental effects. In addition, vinyl prevents the damage of flooring when working with the kettlebell in a gym, reduces the noise level when falling or colliding with another equipment.

The Explode Kettlebell is designed for dynamic load. With the help of this sports gear, you can build the muscles of the arms, shoulders, back, depending on the set of exercises that the athlete chooses.

The colorful kettlebell represents the Explode series, which includes equipment pieces of different weight values. You can purchase the whole kit as well as independently choose several models that meet the specifics of the workouts in your fitness room.

Today, a variety of sports goods provides a buyer with a wide choice. When making a purchase, you should keep in mind that it is always better to work with quality equipment. The Explode series fully meet this characteristic - they are manufactured taking into account all the requirements of quality standards, designed for commercial use, and therefore are designed for intensive operation and high loads, which are compulsorily in a professional gym.

The Explode kettlebell is a worthy example of a modern sports equipment that will not only decorate the interior of your room, but will also be an excellent assistant for any athlete.

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