Squat rack Inter Atletika KF316

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Squat rack Inter Atletika KF316

The Squat rack is aimed at doing squats and some other exercises. It is the perfect choice for all premium-class gyms, because of its multifunctionality, fine reliability, and ability to withstand a heavy workload. All you need is to get a barbell with the discs and start the training process.

The KF316 is installed on the floor. The durability of this sports equipment is provided by 3 mm steel. The Squat rack is equipped with the racks for a barbell, the Pull-up, and the ladder.

The Squat rack helps you work out the quadriceps, glutes, the adductor Magnus (Inner Thigh), the hamstrings, the erectors, the abdominals and the obliques, upper back, the lats, and the calves. But because of having additional sports equipment on the KF316, you can improve almost all muscles of your body.

Thanks to multifunctionality, the exercises you can perform here are countless. You can do not only strength exercises here but stretching as well.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1485 х 1610 х 2454
Product weight, kg
Maximum load, kg
2 х 225
Rack type
squat rack
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