Power rack for press Inter Atletika KF106

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Power rack for press Inter Atletika KF106

This equipment is made by Inter Atletika for performing the bench press with a barbell. Because of that, the KF106 is created to withstand even the heaviest workload. You just need to take an additional barbell with the plates and start to work out!

Durable 3 mm steel has fine wear resistance and helps the Power rack for press never let you down. The construction is easily dismantled and compact. Thanks to these benefits, the KF106 is the perfect solution for premium-class gyms.

If you add to the KF106 a barbell with the discs, you can improve the pectoralis major, the anterior deltoids, and the triceps brachii.

To do the exercise, lower a barbell to the chest level, then lift it, extending the arms. You need someone to stay close to you in case your muscles get tired during the training process and you can’t push out a barbell by yourself.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1280 x 1300 x 1376
Product weight, kg
Maximum load, kg
Rack type
press rack
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