Squat rack Inter Atletika KF105

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Squat rack Inter Atletika KF105

This sports equipment helps you perform squats for functional training of your leg muscles. It’s the perfect choice for working out of the lower part of your body and the ideal solution for any elite gym.

The KF105 consists of two racks connected by crossbars. 3 mm steel and powder paint coating provide a long-term service of this equipment. You can easily install different equipment for functional training to the Squat rack. The KF105 has the racks for a barbell, which you need to take additionally.

The Squat rack is aimed at improving the quadriceps, glutes, the adductor Magnus (Inner thigh), the hamstrings, the erectors, the abdominals, and the obliques, upper back, and the lats, and the calves.

The KF105 lets you perform a lot of exercises for your legs. It depends on the additional equipment you decide to install to the Squat rack and use.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1245 x 1200 x 2796
Product weight, kg
Maximum load, kg
150 (horizontal bar) / 300 (barbell)
Rack type
squat rack
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