Assisted Pull-Up/Dip Trainer Inter Atletika KF814

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Assisted Pull-Up/Dip Trainer Inter Atletika KF814

This machine is universal equipment for developing muscles of the upper body. The KF814 configuration with pull-up grips on one side and dip bars on another, allows two people to work out simultaneously. Additionally, there is an abdomen unit for doing leg crunches.

The dip bar width is made for convenient training, whatever body type they have. 3 mm steel makes the machine almost indestructible and provides a long-term service of the equipment. In case you want to work out outdoors, you can buy the zinc-covered version KF814ZEC.

There is a big list of muscles you can improve here: biceps, triceps, brachialis, brachioradialis, trapezius, latissimus dorsi, teres major, rhomboid major, pectoralis major, deltoid muscles, external and internal obliques.

To do pull-ups, stand exactly under grips, then take them. Try to raise your body initially not with the biceps, but using upper back muscles. If standard pull-ups are too hard for you, don’t hesitate to help yourself with swaying. You will come to masterful pull-ups with regular training over time.

For right dips hang on bars and push your upper body forward. Then make a dip until your elbows reach 90-angle. After that slowly return.

Legs crunches are done the following way. Grab grips and put your back against the rest. Then pull your legs to your stomach. Return them slowly, preserving tension in the muscles.

For this machine you can choose your favorite colour:

  • blue
  • black
  • yellow
  • orange
  • green
  • white
  • metallic pearl
  • metallic velvet
  • brown
  • dark grey
  • light grey
  • bronze
Data sheet
Metal profile size, mm
120 х 40 х 3
Metal profile thickness, mm
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1589 x 1094 x 2485
Product weight, kg
Maximum user weight, kg
Targeted muscles
several muscle groups
powder paint coating by electrostatic spraying
HDPE plastic
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