Paired Push-up bars Inter Atletika KF401.1

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Paired Push-up bars Inter Atletika KF401.1

Thanks to the KF401.1, you can perform push-ups. Also, the equipment gives you the possibility to enhance endurance, strength, speed, and coordination. Paired bars make you do the push-ups much deeper, which increases the effectiveness of the training process. The unique feature of the KF401.1 is that they are rigidly paired.

Thanks to 3 mm steel and special covering, the sports equipment has outstanding durability and will serve you for the long term. You can put the Paired Push-up bars on the floor anywhere in a gym.

The KF401.1 lets you work out chest muscles, deltoids, triceps, abdominals, and the serratus anterior.

To do the push-ups, lower on your arms and legs, while your hands grab the bars. Next, lower your body to the floor and push yourself back up.

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Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
500 x 500 x 400
Product weight, kg
Diameter, mm