Indoor Cycle Inspire CS2

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Indoor Cycle Inspire CS2

Indoor Cycle Inspire CS2 - innovative equipment, which is becoming increasingly common in modern sports clubs, seeking to maintain all new trends. This is a hybrid of the orbitrek and exercise bike - this type of simulator allows you to combine all the benefits of training with one and the second projectile, but also to save the user from the influence of a number of negative factors, to expand training opportunities.

So the Inspire CS2.4, due to the linear trajectory of the pedals, significantly reduces the load on the knees, but at the same time allows you to actively train the muscles of the legs and buttocks. Movable arms, as in the orbitrek, contribute to an increase in the muscular mass of the upper body - arms, shoulders.

Classes on the bike orbiter can actively burn calories, maintain the body in perfect shape. And at the same time you can move to the intended goal without any harm to your joints.

The range of preinstalled programs on the simulator will allow to conduct a full and effective training for people with any level of physical fitness.

A comfortable ergonomic seat provides the necessary support for the hull. The ability to adjust the simulator for each user. The control and settings of the bike rider are as simple as possible and simple, which makes it easier to work with the equipment.

The work of the simulator is noiseless, thanks to the electromagnetic load technology. In addition, this type of loading ensures the durability of the unit, since there is no friction in it and the percentage of wear of parts is extremely low.

The pulse control sensors are integrated in the handles, and therefore you can easily determine which settings of the simulator are optimal for you, allow you to train the heart and respiratory system in a safe range. It is also possible to purchase a thoracic sensor and use it.

You can work on a bike-racer in several modes - legs, chest and biceps-triceps. When working with one hand, the legs can be put on special supports. Different levels of resistance help to progress every training. Starting with ultra-light loads, you can increase it to the maximum mark. The step length is also adjustable, by selecting the desired amplitude, you can minimize the load on the knee joints.

All the basic training data is displayed on the display.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1500 х 864 x 1372
Product weight, kg
Maximum user weight, kg
Flywheel, kg
Resistance levels
LCD screen with blue backlit
Console indicators
time, speed, distance, calories
Seat adjustment
Bottle holder
Built-in fan