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Airbike Assault AS-1

The Assault AirBike is an air-type model, with a vertical sit and 8 levels of load on the muscles of the legs. The seat is adjustable in 4 different positions, a 27-inch fan is installed, a quality steel chain is provided, as well as transport wheels for easy transportation around the gym area. Exercise bike for professional use, will satisfy the demands of any athlete. Assault AirBike is equipped with comfortable handles and seat, universal hand pedal, holders, high-quality silent blocks, pedals and steel molybdenic frame. The air flywheel helps you to build your leg muscles, strengthen your lower back, abdominal muscles faster, in comparison with common exercise bike. Assault AirBike is designed and tested by athletes and fitness trainers. It is a unique exerciser for effective and efficient training that is recognized as the best among the fan exercise bikes for use in fitness clubs. The uniqueness of Assault AirBike in individual settings, considering not only the seat and the hardware, but also the training programs: monitor the heart rate or go to high-intensity interval training. Assault AirBike are the most popular exercise bikes in functional training.

The manufacturer of Assault Fitness Products is the official partner of Reebok functional training Games, the main sport functional training competition, held annually since 2007. The engineers of the Assault AirBike kept in mind that all sportsmen are different, with different approach to training and training programs. That's why AirBike offers customized exerciser settings. Assault Air Bike operates in thousands of functional training clubs around the world, and we are pleased to present this exercise bike in Ukraine.

Assault AirBike is not just an exercise bike. The effect on the air flywheel is much higher due to air resistance than on magnetic exercisers. The proportional principle is a higher speed, a heavier load. An incredibly effective cardiovascular device that will make you stronger and healthier! Universal and easy to use, this exercise bike will become a constant partner of visitors of your gym, diversifying their daily workout.

Distinctive features of Assault AirBike:

  • The exercise bike is unique because it can be used for high intensity exercises with a small impact on the legs;
  • The user can set the maximum, optimal for himself workload;
  • Exercises are performed with minimal stress on the ligaments, veins and joints;
  • Intensive training sessions on Assault AirBike are directly aimed at the cardiovascular and metabolic systems of the body, provoking the production of skeletal muscle cells;
  • During training, you can set the desired parameters on the monitor, and control them: time, distance, burned calories, energy spent, training mode, various intervals of exercises;
  • Each AirBike is equipped with a telemetry chip mounted on a console that allows the user to control heartbeat (heart rate) via wireless polar communication technology;
  • The user independently regulates the intensity of the exercises;
  • You can also spin the pedals in the opposite direction, targeting another muscle group;
  • The user can perform exercises only with his hands, either only with his feet or with both hands and feet simultaneously;
  • Experienced users can perform exercises in a standing position, without support on the seat of the bicycle;
  • The exercise bike is ideal for medical rehabilitation programs;
  • The user can distribute the resistance between the upper and lower body according to his needs and capabilities.

*more detailed information and consultation service you can get on the official website.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1290 х 530 х 1270
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Console indicators
time, speed, rotations per minute, distance, watts, calories, pulse
Seat adjustment
horizontal/vertical adjustment
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Tablet holder