Gluteus Machine, radial Inter Atletika BT131

Load type:
weight stack
Groups of muscles:
Number of training places:
Type of exercises:
bending / unbending
Purpose of use:
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Gluteus Machine, radial Inter Atletika BT131

The equipment is aimed at developing and building glutes. Performing the exercises on the structure, you can correct the shape of your body by reducing fat deposits from the buttocks area, defining the gluteal muscles. The exerciser is very popular with female visitors of gyms and sports clubs, as it allows to effectively work on the problem areas to develop the legs in a The equipment is also popular with athletes of different disciplines, as it helps to shape the body, improving functional performance of the muscles.

The supporting pad is adjustable, it can be adapted to the anthropometric parameters of any user. Also, the rotation angle of the power lever is adjustable.


The emphasis is on the glutes – large, medium and small. Also, the back muscle group of thigh is affected.

The exercises

The exercise machine offers leg curl and extension exercises.

Design features

The structure is made in a minimalist style. The design creates an illusion of major space,

The metal design of the simulator covered with powder paint. The frame is available in 4 colors:

  • White
  • Metallic
  • Black
  • Yellow

The seat and the upholstery are made of high quality eco-leather. The model is available in 8 following colors:

  • Dark gray
  • Light grey
  • Dark blue
  • Light blue
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Green
  • Red

Or any combination of the 2 selected colors.

A filler of upholstery is a dual-layer foam. The material withstands heavy loads, resistant to deformation and shrinkage.

For security purposes, all sharp edges and elements of the equipment are covered by plastic caps.

A wide choice of colors allows you to obtain the look of the exerciser according to your preferences. Moreover, this way you can emphasize the corporate colors of your company and to make the exercise machine appropriate to any style of the gym.

Features of the line

The InterAtletikGym BUSINESS series is a stylish equipment with high functionality. The main qualities of the equipment are simplicity, reliability and affordability.

The sports equipment has a sleek, modern design, meets all safety requirements of modern programs and styles of training, but also has a very high maintainability.


Length/width/height of the equipment, respectively 1085/979/1620 mm

Weight 189 kg. the Maximum load is 105 kg.


  • lifetime warranty for frame structure
  • 3 years warranty for mechanic elements
  • 2 years warranty on cable
  • 1 year on upholstery.
Data sheet
Load type
weight stack
Groups of muscles
Number of training places
Type of exercises
bending / unbending
Purpose of use
Weight of the exercise machine, kg
Weight stack, kg
Protection of the cargo block
high-quality artificial leather
Dimensions LxWxH, mm
two-layer polyurethane foam, resistant to shrinkage, does not undergo deformation
Maximum user weight, kg