Rack With a Set of Chromed Dumbbells Inter Atletika XR410 (0,5 - 10 kg)

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Rack With a Set of Chromed Dumbbells Inter Atletika XR410 (0,5 - 10 kg)

Dumbbells is an excellent start to to build muscles. Different weight of dumbbells helps to choose the ones in accordance with the physical shape of an athlete. With the help of dumbbells you can make whole training complexes. They are multifunctional.

Loads must go consistently in the order of physiological increase. Dumbbells is very effective and simple sports gear that helps to make the training effective. Dumbbells allow you to quickly achieve your goals.

Chromed dumbbells are great for aerobics, fitness and other physical training and strength training. The athletic equipment is great for running and tonic exercises.

Exercises with dumbbells are aimed at the harmonious development of all the muscles of a person, strengthening joints, normalizing weight and overall health. Training with dumbbells helps to improve the tone of the muscles of the hands, chest and shoulder. Dumbbells are made of chrome-plated metal. Dumbbells are comfortable and feel right in hands.

Dumbbells improve such exercises as: flyes, squats, push-ups, lifting on the biceps, bench press etc.

There are dumbbells with the weight of from 1 kg to 10 kg in the set.

Professional athletes who work with free weight would benefit from the Xline R XR410 (0.5 - 10 kg) rack with a set of dumbbells. The sports equipment has a comfortable and stable design.

The design helps to save space. The sports gear is equipped with a vertical structure, which has special seats for 10 pairs of dumbbells. The design is made in the form of the X letter. It is very convenient and is one of the most compact forms for storing dumbbells.

The sports equipment is made of scratch-resistant high-grade steel, which guarantees the preservation of the original appearance for a long time. Safety, both during training and after, is provided by the plates of each dumbbell, which sit securely in the nests.

Data sheet
Metal profile size, mm
100 x 50
Metal profile thickness, mm
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
605 x 400 x 1164
Product weight, kg