Dumbbell Rack with dumbbell set Inter Atletika BT410.1 (0.5-10 kg)

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Dumbbell Rack with dumbbell set Inter Atletika BT410.1 (0.5-10 kg)

The dumbbells are great for beginners to start muscle building. Choose dumbbells according to its physical form and goals helps different weight dumbbells. The wide variety of different weight dumbbells allows an athlete to choose the equipment according to his physical abilities and targets he wants to reach. It is possible to make entire multifunctional training complexes with the dumbbells.It is great for exercises at home or in gyms.

The load must be sequential in order of increasing physiological strength. Dumbbells is very effective and simple equipment that helps to build muscles fast.You will quickly achieve your goals and develop physical shape.

Chromized dumbbells are perfect for aerobics, fitness and other physical-strength training. The equipment is also great for running and toning exercises.

The dumbbell exercises are aimed at the balanced development of all human muscles, strengthen joints, loosing of weight and improving health in general. Workout with dumbbells help to improve muscle tone in the arms, chest and shoulders. Dumbbells made of chromed metal.

Dumbbells provide an opportunity to perform such exercises: flyes, squats, push-ups, bench press, shoulder press, lat pulldown etc.

The set includes dumbbells with the weight of 0.5 kg-10 kg.

The InterAtletikGym BT410.1 Rack is essential for the dumbbells storage. It significantly saves space in a gym or at home. The sports equipment has a vertical design with special sockets for 11 pairs of dumbbells.

The structure is made of scratch-resistant high-grade steel, which guarantees preserving the original appearance for a long time. Secure placing of each barbell is provided by special plates. The structure does not occupy much space and therefore is suitable for any room.

Data sheet
Metal profile size, mm
60 х 60
Metal profile thickness, mm
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1740 х 650 х 1463
Product weight, kg