Neoprene Dumbbell Inter Atletika MD2015-2N (2 kg)

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Neoprene Dumbbell Inter Atletika MD2015-2N (2 kg)

Neoprene dumbbells by Fitex - a perfect example of sports equipment adaptation to the needs of a modern user. In comparison with classic dumbbells, it has the soft neoprene coating. Such dumbbells share advantages with the conventional models, thus they also have precise calibration, shape, the ability to perform a number of classical exercises with lifting weights.

The neoprene dumbbells will serve as a perfect option for the group training in a gym, functional training zones, fitness workout.

A small weight makes it possible to use the dumbbell not only for its intended purpose, but also as an extra weight for group training. Neoprene provides a good grip, prevents slip of the palm on the handle. Moreover, this material is smooth, pleasant to the touch. It does not seem "cold" for an athlete, which is important when using a dumbbell in those exercises where there is contact with the exposed parts of the body.

The core of the Fitex neoprene dumbbells is made of iron. It has an accurate weight calibration. The neoprene coating prevents damage to the flooring in a case of a dumbbell drop, isolates noise on condition of collision with another piece of equipment, provides a neat, stylish shape.

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