Neoprene Dumbbell Inter Atletika MD2015-1N (1 kg)

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Neoprene Dumbbell Inter Atletika MD2015-1N (1 kg)

A Dumbbell is a classic equipment, which is widely used not only in power sports, but also in group training programs, various types of fitness training. That is why there are a lot of types, shapes and varieties of dumbbells.

The Fitex dumbbells with neoprene coating is intended for group training in a gym, programs of various fitness, individual training. Such dumbbells are in demand , since they have a smooth, pleasant to the touch coating. It does not only protects the equipment from damage, softens falls, lowers the noise level when striking, but also does not seem "cold" for an athlete, which is important when using a dumbbell in those exercises where there is contact with the exposed parts of the body.

The Fitex neoprene dumbbell weighing 1 kg can be used as an independent equipment when performing a series of strength exercises. Also it can be used in the framework of fitness training, in the group workout.

The core of the dumbbells is cast from iron. The equipment was calibrated taking into account all standards and regulations. Designed for commercial use, therefore, it has high characteristics of durability, impact resistance, wear resistance.

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