SkiErg with PM5 monitor Concept2 2715

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SkiErg with PM5 monitor Concept2 2715

Concept2 SkiErg2 makes skiing available for everyone at any time of the year. Develop stamina, train your body and enjoy the realism of each workout. The exercise machine is recognized as the best one of its kind - it is chosen by professional athletes and fans of skiing.

The exerciser very accurately models the technique of hands movement during real skiing, which contributes not only to improving the performance, but also the development of overall endurance, muscle strength of the entire body. The exercise machine copes well with the tasks of high-quality aerobic workout, effectively develops the upper shoulder belt and legs, strengthens the cardiovascular system.

All indicators are manually adjusted, so you can fully control the training process.

If you are a professional who wants to get in shape before the beginning of a sports season or an amateur skier. Regular workouts on SkiErg will help you achieve the desired result for the same time as full-time training on the piste.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
2440 x 610 x 360
Product weight, kg
trainer - 21 kg, a rack - 16 kg
Packing dimensions (L × W × H), mm
2 boxes: trainer - 540 x 490 x 1250, rack - 130 x 660 x 1350
Boxed weight, kg
trainer - 28, rack - 18
Maximum user weight, kg
Power type
2 x D batteries
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