Indoor Rower Model D Black with PM5 monitor Concept2 2712

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Indoor Rower Model D Black with PM5 monitor Concept2 2712

This model is considered to be one of the best among rowing machines. It has a reliable structure, which is the key to long-term service.

Professional athletes call the Concept 2 D exercise machine the best one in rowing and functional training sport. Even the Olympic champions appreciate the quality of this model.

A rowing machine will make all the muscles in your body work. It targets several muscle groups at once. Load during the exercise is achieved by air resistance, thus during the training, you can adjust the load.

The equipment is well designed and practical. At the same time, the designers paid special attention to the issue of technical features. The exerciser has gained the respect of users all around the world due to its high quality.

As a result, each workout on the Concept 2 perfectly simulates load as during training on the water. You get the same load and result, as in real conditions.

Regular training on this exerciser will guarantee your good health, cardiovascular system and, in general, will contribute to an excellent well-being.

Functional and modern monitor

This exercise machine is equipped with the PM5 monitor. The screen can be adjusted in any convenient position during the training. That's why many athletes choose this equipment, since it allows you to monitor the speed and passed distance with a comfort.

Ability to adjust settings

This model differs in the strength of each stroke. Therefore, it is easy to manually adjust the resistance and voltage. Accordingly, the air flow in the flywheel is regulated.

During the training, the equipment has a silent performance.

Transportation and storage

This model has wheels that greatly solve the transportation problem. In addition, the exerciser is compact, which simplifies its storage. At the same time, Concept 2 of Model D can be easily disassembled into 2 parts.

Comfortable handle, reliable footrest

What do users need for maximum comfort during a workout? Stable and reliable adjustable foot supports. It is suitable for an athlete with any shoe size. Also, there are tight straps.

There are also comfortable handles, which allows the hands to be in a natural position when exercising.

Reliability and durability of the structure

The manufacturer conducted ultra-intensive tests in order to determine the practical part of the exerciser and the effectiveness of training on it. Due to its high performance in tests, the model is widely used not only in fitness centres but also in military bases.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
2440 x 610
Product weight, kg
Packing dimensions (L × W × H), mm
380 x 550 x 1420
Boxed weight, kg
32, 167
Maximum user weight, kg
Power type
rechargeable batteries, recharge during exercise
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