Treadmill Inter Atletika TS-21

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Treadmill Inter Atletika TS-21

The Fitex is a modern market oriented manufacturer, therefore its equipment always meets the needs of users. Fitex Base TS-21 treadmill is a perfect proof of such description.

Therefore, you should pay attention to this model if you are in progress of choosing the equipment for a gym or fitness club. The Fitex Base TS-21 features a wide range of features, reliability and practicality, good ergonomics and features. The combination, which guarantees that you will receive the exercise machine that will be appreciated by each of your clients.

One of the main advantages of the Fitex Base TS-21 is its high power performance. The maximum pledged speed is 18 km / h. This is enough for intensive training. The speed step is 0.1 km / h, which provides an excellent opportunity to smoothly increase the load, improving its previous results. Therefore, the treadmill will be useful both for beginners and for professionals, both for clients focused on strength exercises, and for those who prefer cardiovascular workout.

The ability to adjust the inclination angle of the running belt also extends the range of possibilities of the exercise machine. With this function you can diversify and make your workout more complex.

Users are offered a number of modes. You can choose the mode of training per your personal preference and based on the recommendations of the coaches or a specific training program. So in the menu there are interval, cardio training, and such complex programs such as "hills", "slope". A user with any level of training will be able to choose the best conditions for jogging.

The LED display makes the use of the exercise machine even easier..There you will find all the most important parameters of the workout, for example, speed, mileage, slope, lost calories. Also, the console reads and displays the heart rate of the user. With its help it is possible to control this indicator, to train without exceeding the established range of heart rate, to determine the level of loading and the state of the body during running.

To feel comfortable, relaxed, you can use an acoustic system. The treadmill will allow you to reproduce the tracks selected by the user, allowing you to diversify and improve the workout.

Installing the Fitex Base TS-21 treadmill, there will be no problems. A special system for compensation of uneven floor allow you to install the equipment in any place you choose. The design also includes transport rollers, which facilitates the transport and movement of the treadmill.

Also the design of the Fitex Base TS-21 treadmill worth to be mentioned. It is kept in the best traditions of minimalism - precisely thought out details, clear lines and neat shape. That's why the look of the treadmill is modern and attractive. Nevertheless the ergonomics is also on a high level. The workout is performedcomfortably and safely, since the location of important parts, for example, handles or display, is convenient and justified.

The Fitex Base TS-21 is a new generation of exercise machines that responds, and sometimes ahead of the user's expectations. A workout with the treadmill is always interesting, simple and effective.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
2020 х 995 х 1450
Size of the running belt, cm
145 х 52
Product weight, kg
Boxed weight, kg
Maximum user weight, kg
Motor power, hp
Maximum speed, km/h
9 programs: 3 user programs, 6 automatic
Console indicators
speed, tilt, time, distance, calories, heart rate
Built-in heart rate sensors
Bottle holder
Connectivity to MP3 devices
Connectivity to Wi-Fi
Built-in fan
Tablet holder
Transportation rollers
Compensators of uneven floor
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