Stationary Rig Inter Atletika KF-S3.3

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Stationary Rig Inter Atletika KF-S3.3

The Stationary Rig is a functional frame made by the manufacturer Inter Atletika. It is aimed, if you want to, at supplementing with various elements. The functional frame model was created considering the peculiarities of functional training, has a reliable mounting with large bolts, which allows it to withstand an intense training rhythm and heavy workload.

This model is made of high quality, durable 3 mm steel and equipped with a special coating that protects against adverse external factors. The allowed load on working elements is 150 kg. The KF-S3.3 is fixed to a floor.

As this Stationary Rig can be equipped with numerous functional gears, the number of exercises you may do here is limited only by your imagination. There is no muscle in your body, you can’t improve, thanks to the KF-S3.3 and added equipment.

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6807 х 2040 х 3804
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