Speed Skipping Rope Inter Atletika MDJR029

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Speed Skipping Rope Inter Atletika MDJR029

A skipping rope - is a universal sports equipment that has found its application in many sports disciplines. It is used in training programs by almost all athletes, such as gymnasts, boxers and representatives of other disciplines, which require stamina, speed and good coordination. This equipment has also become an indispensable tool for Functional Training training, in functional training programs.

Jumping on the rope helps you to develop endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory system, train the main muscle groups, tone the body. Also, the rope is an excellent choice for those who are struggling with extra weight.

Fitex introduces a modern high-speed skipping rope that, thanks to special plugs and a good connection of the rope and the handle, allows you to perform up to 5-6 rotations per second. This gives you the opportunity to perform double and triple jumps, build up a high speed. The structural features of the rope should also include bearings that guarantee easy rotation, stable amplitude, prevent the tangling of the rope. This allows the athlete to develop a high speed with low efforts.

The handles of the Fitex speed skipping rope are ergonomically shaped, provide the correct and reliable grip, and a comfortable position in the palm of your hand. The handles themselves are hollow. The rope is a steel cable in a vinyl sheath, it is lasting and durable. It is adjustable to the height of the athlete with the help of clips. The handles and the cable play a significant role in the speed characteristics of the rope. The light weight of the equipment allows you to lower the load on the forearm of the athlete, and therefore he can perform a large number of continuous rotations.

The Fitex skipping rope is a great addition to any fitness room. With its help it is possible to perform an effective workout, it can easily replace the jogging in the cold time of the year. Using the Fitex skipping rope will allow you to develop functional qualities of the body, progress in sports skills, and achieve new heights.

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