Plate Tree Inter Atletika BT406 (inner diameter 25 mm)

Purpose of use:
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Plate Tree Inter Atletika BT406 (inner diameter 25 mm)

BT406 Rack for Bars and Disks (25mm) is a convenient model for sports equipment, which is designed for storing discs and bars. The structure provides the ability to place conveniently the sports equipment, thus allowing to optimize the athlete’s training, as well as to maintain the disks and bars in a good condition.

The rack helps to avoid damage to the flooring made by barbells. The sports equipment takes up little space and can withstand loads up to 400 kg.

The wear-resistant materials of high quality provide long-term use of the equipment. Has a durable stainless steel design.

The rack is equipped with shock-absorbing bearings that prevent slipping. The coating is of powder enamel, electrostatically sprayed.

Data sheet
Metal profile size, mm
60 х 60
Metal profile thickness, mm
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
680 х 660 х 1210
Product weight, kg
Maximum load, kg
Rack type
weight plates and bars rack