Horizontal Bench, with safety bars Inter Atletika ST304.1

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Horizontal Bench, with safety bars Inter Atletika ST304.1

ST304.1 Horizontal Press Bench (with safety platforms) is a perfect sports equipment that is designed for such physical exercises as dumbbell and barbell bench press. This exercise is essential for physical training of athletes engaged in different sports. The workout develops chest muscles, creates beautiful and defined torso. The exerciser is ideal for training at home or in gyms. The safety platforms prevents the risk of serious injury during exercise. Support horizontal bars for a barbell on the safe height exclude any trauma. There are 3 positions of the barbell on a different height. In case of dropping the barbell, an athlete would be protected by the safety platforms.

Working out on the bench helps to develop beautifuls abs and fit torso extremely effectively and quick. Shock-absorbing bearings that do not require mounting to the ground is to eliminate slippery. The sports equipment has heavy stainless steel construction. The seat is made of durable plywood. All the parts of the exerciser are wear-resistant and of high quality. Due to the design features and materials the sports equipment can be exploited more than 12 hours a day. The padding of the upholstery is filled with expanded vinyl which is resistant to shrinkage and is deformation resistant as well. The emphasis during the training is on the load During training occurs, the load on the pectoral muscles and triceps.

Data sheet
Metal profile size, mm
60 х 60
Metal profile thickness, mm
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1332 x 1238 x 1187
Product weight, kg
Maximum load, kg
Maximum user weight, kg
Targeted muscles
several muscle groups
high-quality artificial leather
two-layer polyurethane foam (material is resistant to shrinkage and deformation)
powder paint coating by electrostatic spraying
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