Bar platform right Inter Atletika KF015-01ZEC, zinc-plated

Purpose of use:
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Bar platform right Inter Atletika KF015-01ZEC, zinc-plated

Thanks to the KF015-01ZEC you can do exercises outdoors, especially the abdominal press. It can keep barbells as well. It’s the right Bar platform, so you need the left one, KF015ZEC, to start the functional training process. 

The KF015-01ZEC is installed to a frame. 3 mm steel and powder paint covering ensure a long-term service of this equipment. It’s coated by hot-dip galvanization, which gives it incredible protection from any weather elements, fire, and corrosion when you work out outside.

Due to the KF015-01ZEC, you can work out the muscles of the abdominal press.

To do the exercise for having the perfect abs, mount the sports equipment above your height. Next, place your arms on both platforms and keep your body only by arms. After that, lift your legs towards your stomach, while bending your knees. Then, slowly return.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
708 x 106 x 445
Product weight, kg
Maximum load, kg