Anti-Burst Gymnastic Ball Inter Atletika MD1225-55 (55 cm)

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Anti-Burst Gymnastic Ball Inter Atletika MD1225-55 (55 cm)

The Fitex gymnastic ball with 55 cm in diameter - an excellent form of training equipment, used in many fitness programs.

A gymnastics ball is considered to be a universal sports gear. It can be used in programs of rehabilitation, general strengthening exercises, muscle tone exercises. The use of this equipment is quite extensive - it is used in medical institutions, health centers, and, of course, in gyms, fitness clubs. This way, with the help of gymnastic ball, one can develop balance, correct posture, unload joints, help to build muscles, get rid of extra kilos.

A gymnastic ball has already become one of the essential equipment in a gym.. A set of balls of different size for the comfortable training is the requirement of time.

The Fitex gymnastic ball is made of neoprene. This material is durable, hypoallergenic, smooth to touch. Therefore, the ball has a comfortable handle, with an excellent rigidity, causes pleasant tactile sensations. The Fitex ball was manufactured taking into account the peculiarities of commercial operation, which means that the equipment can withstand high loads, is able to cope with intensive user exploitation.

Gymnastic ball by Fitex is equipped with an anti-breakage system. All joints, seams are capable of high pressure - its value is several times higher than the pressure the ball gets when an athlete uses it.

Exercises with a gymnastic ball will help you not only to get in shape, but also significantly improve your health. This is the fact all visitors of a gym are familiar with, therefore the demand for a gymnastics ball is very high. To satisfy it, we recommend to buy Fitex equipment.

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