Abdominal bench, reverse Inter Atletika KF816.1-3

Purpose of use:
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Abdominal bench, reverse Inter Atletika KF816.1-3

The purpose of the Reverse Abdominal bench is effective working out abdominal muscles outdoors. Regular exercises on the KF816.1-3 help you achieve fat-burning in the abdominal area and create a six-pack. The bench has a strong steel structure. 

To do the exercises, lie on the bench upside down and catch hold of the pads by your legs. Two pairs of pads are placed on different levels – for different workload levels.

The Abdominal bench helps you equip a multifunctional sports zone, such as open grounds, school territory, recreation centers, yards of apartment buildings, parks, and beaches.

This sports equipment isn’t affected by any weather conditions and rapid temperature changes. It’s ensured by special covering that protects a metal frame against corrosion, mechanical damage, resists fading in the sun, and abrasion. If you want more protection for the KF816.1-3 order zinc coating.

Data sheet
Metal profile size, mm
120 x 40
Metal profile thickness, mm
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1258 x 826 x 867
Product weight, kg
Maximum user weight, kg
powder paint coating by electrostatic spraying
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