Multi-grip Chin-Up Bar Inter Atletika KF009 (1,02 m)

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Multi-grip Chin-Up Bar Inter Atletika KF009 (1,02 m)

Exercises that you can perform on the bar will help develop physical endurance and strength, build muscle mass, get rid of excess kilos in problem areas. For the house - a great idea, especially if your daily routine does not allow you to go to the gym. It is a multifunctional model where you can perform a large number of exercises for the muscles of the shoulder girdle, back, chest.

Your own simulator, which is always at hand - it's very convenient. On the bar, you can practice a trapeze whenever you want. In the morning, in the evening, in the winter, in the summer, you do not depend on the circumstances, do not waste time on the road to the gym, do not wait for your turn while the simulator is busy.

For people who want to follow their figure, be always in good shape, but do not have the opportunity to regularly engage in a gym in the gym with a free weight. Very profitable acquisition. The turnstile is made of high-quality steel.

Data sheet
Dimensions (L x W x H), mm
1020 x 425 x 221
Product weight, kg
Maximum load, kg
Bar length, m
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