Elliptical Trainer Inter Atletika RE700

Flywheel weight:
from 10 to 20 kg
Number of load levels:
more than 22
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm:
218 х 74,2 х 161
Maximum user weight:
over 160 kg
Purpose of use:
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Elliptical Trainer Inter Atletika RE700

RE700 - a wonderful elliptical trainer, which combines an exercise bike, a treadmill and a stepper. The endurance of the body is enhanced by exposure to the respiratory system. Smooth, continuous movements in two directions strengthen the muscles of the legs, buttocks and thighs. The user uses the levers to train the upper body - arms, shoulders, chest and back muscles. Training will help you lose extra pounds, as well as to keep the muscles of the body in a tone. This model is perfect for sports clubs, fitness centers, gyms and other sports facilities. The design has a 20-level electromagnetic load system. The exercise machine is powered by the generator, which allows you to conduct training regardless the electricity mains.

Comfortable and effective workout is provided by new technologies of manufacturing the mechanical and electronic basis. The elliptical trainer has a professional system of magnetic braking. On the handles of the exercise machine there are contact plates that help to control the pulse rate during training. The built-in telemetry option, which allows you to connect the chest sensor, helps to take pulse readings without the use of handles. People of different body constitutions can use the exerciser because of the width of the pedals. Good amortization and friction with the user's shoes are provided by special gel pads on the pedals. The ability to load different muscle groups helps to adjust the angle of inclination. The elements of the exerciser have a hypoallergenic coating. The robust steel, which the frame is made of, guarantees reliability and safety. The anticorrosive coating and 2-layer powder coating of the frame extends the service life and the initial look of the equipment.

The LED display shows the following training parameters: time, speed, distance, pulse, load level, power and physical condition.

The transport rollers help the user freely move the structure. The stability of the equipment during training is provided by compensators for uneven floor. There is a special tray for phone or accessories where you an put your personal things during the training.

Data sheet
Flywheel weight
from 10 to 20 kg
Number of load levels
more than 22
Dimensions (LxWxH) cm
218 х 74,2 х 161
Maximum user weight
over 160 kg
Purpose of use
Flywheel, kg
Weight of the exercise machine, kg
Stride length, cm
Polar noncontact sensor
compatible, not included in the kit
Load levels
Load system
Bottle holder
Power type
Transportation rollers
Built-in heart rate sensors
Compensators of uneven floor
Console indicators
calories, distance, speed, time, heart rate, watts (power), load level
10 programs: 4 automatic, 3 HR programs, 3 target
Drive unit
Maximum step length
from 50 to 60 cm
Tablet holder
Maximum user weight, kg