AB Straps Inter Atletika M13-15

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AB Straps Inter Atletika M13-15

Ab straps are the so-called loops for the crossbar that allow you to train the abdomen muscles, by performing the lifting of the legs in suspension, leg swings, crunches.

The main advantage of straps is to reduce the load on the wrists. So straps are suspended on the crossbar, fixed with the means of carabiners and serve as elbow supports. Since the load on the wrist is minimized, with the ab straps, the athlete can make more sets and repetitions, which provides a more prominent result from the workout, rapid progress.

The Fitex Ab Straps M3-15 are made of high quality nylon, the material is able to withstand high loads, during the workout. It is resistant to shrinkage, abrasion, has the longstanding performance life. Also, the material is hypoallergenic, does not rub the skin, does not irritate it with long-time contact.

Carbines are steel and massive. They are capable of big weight, therefore athletes weighing up to 150 kg can train with loops. The carbine has smooth, streamlined shapes, which prevents injuries when used, rubbing the fabric in the places of connection with the carabiner.

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